Cardinals (1913 List)

Cardinals (1913 List)
Cardinals (1913 List)
Members of the College of Cardinals, 1913

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Cardinals (1913 List)
    Cardinals (1913 List)
     Catholic_Encyclopedia Cardinals (1913 List)
    Members of the College of Cardinals, 1913:
    ♦ Agliardi, Antonio, Bishop of Albano;
    ♦ Aguirre y Garcia, Gregorio Maria, Archbishop of Toledo;
    ♦ Almaraz y Santos, Enrique, Archbishop of Seville;
    ♦ Amette, Leon-Adolphe, Archbishop of Paris;
    ♦ Andrieu, Paulin-Pierre, Archbishop of Bordeaux;
    ♦ Arcoverde de Albuquerque Cavalcanti, Joaquin, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro;
    ♦ Bacilieri, Bartolomeo, Bishop of Verona;
    ♦ Bauer, Franz von Sales, Archbishop of Olmutz;
    ♦ Billot, Louis, S.J.;
    ♦ Bisleti, Gaetano;
    ♦ Bourne, Francis. Archbishop of Westminster;
    ♦ Boschi, Giulio, Archbishop of Ferrara;
    ♦ Cagiano de Azevedo, Ottavio;
    ♦ Cassetta, Francesco di Paola, Bishop of Frascati;
    ♦ Cavallari, Aristide, Patriarch of Venice;
    ♦ Cos y Macho, Jose Maria de, Archbishop of Valladolid;
    ♦ Dubillard, Francois-Virgile, Archbishop of Chambery;
    ♦ Falconio, Diomede, O.F.M.;
    ♦ Farley, John Murphy, Archbishop of New York;
    ♦ Ferrari, Andrea, Archbishop of Milan;
    ♦ Ferrata, Domenico;
    ♦ Francica-Nava di Bontife, Giuseppe Maria, Bishop of Catania;
    ♦ Gasparri, Pietro;
    ♦ Gennari, Casimiro;
    ♦ Gibbons, James, Archbishop of Baltimore;
    ♦ Gotti, Girolamo Maria, O.C.C.;
    ♦ Granito Pgnatelli di Belmonte, Gennaro;
    ♦ Hornig, Karl Baron von, Bishop of Veszprem;
    ♦ Katschthaler, Johann Baptist, Archbishop of Salzburg;
    ♦ Kopp, George, Prince-Bishop of Breslau;
    ♦ Lai, Gaetano de, Bishop of Sabina and Abbot of Farfa;
    ♦ Logue, Michael, Archbishop of Armagh;
    ♦ Lorenzelli, Benedetto;
    ♦ Lualdi, Alessandro, Archbishop of Palermo;
    ♦ Lucon, Louis-Henri-Joseph, Archbishop of Reims;
    ♦ Lugari, Giambattista; Maffi, Pietro, Archbishop of Pisa;
    ♦ Martin de Herrera y de la Iglesia, Jose Maria, Archbishop of Compostela;
    ♦ Martinelli, Sebastiano, O.S.A.;
    ♦ Mercier, Desire-Felicien-Francois-Joseph, Archbishop of Mechlin;
    ♦ Merry del Val, Raffaele, Papal Secretary of State;
    ♦ Netto, Jose Sebastiao, O.F.M.;
    ♦ O'Connell, William, Archbishop of Boston;
    ♦ Oreglia di Santo Stefano, Luigi, Bishop of Ostia;
    ♦ Pietro, Angelo di;
    ♦ Pompilj, Basilio; Prisco, Giuseppe, Archbishop of Naples;
    ♦ Rampolla del Tindaro, Mariano, Archpriest of the Vatican;
    ♦ Richelmy, Agostino, Archbishop of Turin;
    ♦ Rinaldini, Aristide;
    ♦ Roverie de Cabrieres, Francois-Marie-Anatole de, Bishop of Montpellier;
    ♦ Skrbensky-Hriste, Leo von, Archbishop of Prague;
    ♦ Vannutelli, Serafino, Archbishop of Porto and Santa Rufina;
    ♦ Vannutelli, Vincenzo, Bishop of Palestrina;
    ♦ Van Rossum, Willem, C.SS.R.;
    ♦ Vaszary, Claudius, O.S.B., Prince-Archbishop of Gran;
    ♦ Vico, Antonio;
    ♦ Vives y Tuto, Calasanz, O.F.M.Cap.;
    ♦ Volpe, Francesco Salesio della.
    Transcribed by Herman F. Holbrook Et iterum venturus est cum gloria iudicare vivos et mortuos.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. — New York: Robert Appleton Company. . 1910.

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