Ancient diocese located in former Albania

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    (The Diocese of Pulati: Pulatensis or Polatinensis).
    The ancient Pulati in Albania no longer exists; its name is borne by a district of European Turkey. The first Bishop of Pulati (877) was a suffragan of Dioclea, after the overthrow of which the bishops of Pulati were suffragans of Salonica (Thessalonica). During the tenth century and even later Pulati is not mentioned. From 1340 to 1520 there were two Dioceses of Pulati, Polata major and Polata minor; the bishops of the latter were known as Episcopi Sosbrienses from the Franciscan hospice in the village of Sosi. Owing to the Turks and the decay of its population, after the death of Vincenzo Giovanelli appointed in 1656, the bishops no longer resided at Pulati. After 1667, its bishops were vicars Apostolic for Pulati. The Franciscan, Peter Karagic, was nominated Bishop of Pulati in 1697 and Apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Scopia in Albania. Since 1867 Pulati is suffragan of Scutari. The present (forty-first) Bishop of Pulati is Nicholaus Marconi, O.F.M., b. at Trent, Tyrol, 18 May, 1842, elected bishop 23 December, 1890. He resides at Giovagni. His coadjutor, with right of succession, is Bernardinus Sclaku, O.F.M., b. at Scutari, 23 June, 1873; nominated bishop in January, 1910. The Diocese of Pulati comprises 13 parishes, all, except one, held by Franciscans. There are 14,644 Catholics; 9 secular priests; 14 churches or chapels.
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